Billing and Insurance

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Optimum Balance Counseling uses an outside billing service for all medical billing. “Infinite Revenue & Medical Billing, LLC” If you have any questions related to your account, please contact ‘IRMB, LLC’ directly with any questions or concerns about your account.


Phone number: (810) 701-7784 and or Fax: 877-540-0298


Clients are responsible to notify OBC immediately if they have any changes with their insurance. Failure to update your patient information with OBC can lead to unnecessary charges billed to the patient. Clients are responsible to pay any deductibles, co-pays, coinsurances at time services are rendered. This includes Deductibles, Co-pays, and Coinsurances. OBC is not responsible for the amount your insurance carrier assesses to your claims and OBC is contractually obligated to follow and adhere to ALL payer contractual guidelines and requirements. If you feel that your insurance carrier has made an error, clients will need to contact their insurance directly, you can locate member services phone number on the back of their insurance card to resolve any discrepancies. OBC, nor IRMB LLC shall be held responsible for any discrepancies between clients and their insurances.

What Are Deductibles?

A deductible is a fixed amount that a patient must pay each year before their health insurance benefits begin to cover the costs.

What are Co-pays?

A fixed amount ($20, for example) you pay for a covered health care service after you’ve paid your deductible.

What Are Coinsurances?

The percentage of costs of a covered health care service you pay (20%, for example) after you’ve paid your deductible.

Private Pay

Clients that don’t have insurance and or higher deductible plans, can opt to pay out of pocket for counseling services. Payments are due at time services are rendered. The fee scale is as follows:

  • Single client (on-on-one) counseling – $110
  • Couples’ counseling – $125
  • Family counseling – $135

We are currently accepting the following insurances:

  • Magellan Health
  • United Healthcare
  • McLaren Health Plan
  • Aetna
  • Blue Care Network of Michigan
  • Blue Cross Complete of Michigan
  • Cigna
  • New Directions
  • Medicare
Magellan Health
United Healthcare
Mclaren Health Plan
Blue Care Network
Blue Cross Complete
New Directions
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