Tub & Tile Reglazing What to Expect

Bathrooms remodels are always fun since the smaller space means that even the simplest of changes will make a dramatic impact. While a fresh coat of paint will go a long way toward making your bathroom look better, there always comes a point when you have to take a good long look at your bathtub and tile and decide if it is time to invest in an expensive and lengthy replacement. Fortunately, you do have an alternative with tub and tile reglazing, which provides long lasting results that transform your bathroom into a relaxing oasis.

Identify Your Needs

It is important to begin by fully assessing your bathroom space. As you do so, look for the following problems that can be repaired with a tub and tile reglazing.

• Discoloration
• Outdated color scheme
• Chips
• Scratches
• Dull finish

As you inspect your bathroom, keep in mind that many people discover that having their bath tub and tile reglazed often makes the other areas of their bathroom look older. For this reason, it may be necessary to have your sinks and other fixtures reglazed so that everything looks brand new.

Schedule Your Estimate

Once you have an idea of what you need to have reglazed, you will be ready to schedule an estimate. During this visit, a professional will look over your bathroom to make sure it is ready for refinishing. For example, it is critical for the materials used in tile reglazing to remain dry for a short time after the procedure so you will need to have things like leaky faucets repaired. Once they have measured your tub and tile and looked at the materials, they will provide you with an estimate so you will know exactly how it will factor into your budget.

Prepare for the Process

One of the best things about tile reglazing is that there is very little prep work involved for the homeowner. In fact, you can use the tub right before they get there if you want. Usually, you will need to remove any personal products from the area being reglazed, and you should be prepared to use another bathroom if you must use the tub within the next 24-hours since it does require some time to cure. During the actual reglazing, a professional will use special cleaners to remove any hard water deposits and dirt so you do not even have to worry about cleaning.

Know How It’s Done

Once the surface of your tub and tile has been cleaned, it will also be sanded to further remove any debris and smooth out any damage such as scratches. Next, an etching agent will be used to make sure that the tile reglazing coats will fully bond to the surface. Finally, multiple coats of fiberglass or acrylic finishing will be applied to your bathtubto give it that beautiful high gloss finish. Throughout the entire process, your bathroom will be professionally ventilated so that you never have to worry about fumes or chemicals in the rest of your house.

When a bathtub and tile is reglazed properly, it can last for up to 20 years. Your new finish will also require the same level of maintenance as your original bathtub and tile. Simply make sure to clean it regularly, repair any leaky fixtures and avoid dropping heavy objects on the surface. With proper care, you can enjoy your new bathroom update while relaxing in a glossy bathtub that offers the ultimate luxury.

Before we arrive please do the following

Remove all personal belongings from the bathroom including soaps, bottles, perfumes on counter-tops etc, . Bathroom should appear to be vacant.  if you have a shower curtain remove it as well. If you have a shower door, we will remove the door from the tracks we do not remove the tracks we tape them up. Ask your technician about putting back on the door if that is a problem for you. If you are no longer using doors and want them totally removed tracks and all, please keep in mind once tracks are removed, they are no longer usable. There is a fee associated with total removal t and you should consult your tech or inquirer when booking your job

Disinfect your tub & tiles before we arrive with any household approved cleaner don’t worry about stains or moldy or mildew grout lines or caulking, we got that!  we just want to start with a germ-free surface.

Tub & tile refinishing is super economical in comparison with a bathroom remodel, here are some things that apply universally, and you should know before moving ahead with a reglazing project with us or any other firm.

When having you tub or tiles reglazed there is a smell that is present, we like to compare it to a nail salon that strong urethane odor, we do thoroughly ventilate as we are working but some  say it’s never enough however  some say it’s not so bad! so if you or someone in the household is sensitive to these odors or having breathing ailments, they should not be present during this process and in some cases consider coming home the next day.

If you are concerned about smell or pollutants You can ask your sales rep when booking your appointment about our HEPA OSHA Approved Air scrubbers while very effective of eradicating the smell & pollutants  by up to 90% there is an extra  cost associated with running these units.

After the Job is complete

When your job is complete the next day you will find that we have Masked up most of what wasn’t getting resurfaced  in the bathroom to protect those surfaces. You may remove all this paper and tape and re-caulk your tub if needed.

Ask about our exclusive Reglazing VIP Service which includes the following:
  • Use of Air scrubber to clean 90% of the pollutants in the air and eradicate the odor by up to 85%
  • Returning the next day to remove all paper and tape, clean up any over spray dust in the bathroom and buff out the tub and or tile for that extra touch and shine.
  • One Year worth of our most popular tub and tile cleaner & Micro cleaning cloths,  designed for reglazing makes clean up a breeze!
  • Plus a coupon to get your tub resurfaced again at any time at a 50 % SAVINGS !


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